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StayWell Medical Reviewers and Third-Party Vendor

Our commitment

StayWell makes a significant investment annually to medically review content and support its commitment to current high standards of accuracy. Content is developed in conformance with current Practice Guidelines of government agencies and medical specialty organizations. For new content, the staff is exclusively dedicated to developing health communication solutions that are evidence-based, easy to understand, and behavioral-change focused.

Our Quality Oversight Committee meets on a quarterly basis and make updates to accommodate new medical practices and knowledge.

Our medical reviewers 

The following table lists the credentials and backgrounds of StayWell employees and independent contractors who clinically review health/clinical content on this site. StayWell medical reviewers are asked to review content in their specialty to assure that stated facts and recommendations are evidence-based.

Health content is clinically reviewed or developed by a minimum of two clinicians and one of the clinicians is an expert or specialist in the area pertaining to the condition under review or being developed. Health content is medically reviewed and updated as appropriate when medical advances or new guidelines arise. Please review our Editorial Policy and Evidence-based Digital Health Content Development Policy.

Credentials of medical reviewers are verified with their state professional licensing or medical board to ensure that debarment or the suspension or revoke of licensure has not occurred. If a medical reviewer does not have a current professional license, then s/he will not perform any clinical duties until a professional license has been obtained and verified by their state licensing or medical board. After hire, the process to verify certifications and/or licenses of medical reviewers or authors occurs every one (1) to two (2) years based on the expiration date (of the license).

For background information on our clinical reviewers, editors, and medical illustrators, please review StayWell Clinical Reviewers, Editors or Medical Illustrators.


The people listed in the table are employees of StayWell or work as Independent Contractors for StayWell. 

Richard F. Alteri, MD

Dr. Alteri is a medical editor for the American Cancer Society (ACS) National Home Office in metro Atlanta. He has held positions as a supervisor, medical technologist, clinical research coordinator, and medical author during the past 18 years. Dr. Alteri develops, revises, and edits content related to all aspects of the cancer experience for ACS.

Pat F. Bass III, MD, MPH, MS

Dr. Bass is a board-certified physician who specializes in both pediatrics and internal medicine.

William J. Bogus, OD, FAAO

Dr. Bogus specializes in optometry and has a private optometric practice; National Vision Service Plan State Professional Representative; Fellow - American Academy of Optometry.

Stephen Eakle, DDS

Dr. Eakle is professor of clinical dentistry and chair of the section of patient care in the Department of Preventive and Restorative Dental Sciences at the University of California. Dr. Eakle is a 1972 graduate of Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry.

John Hanrahan, MD

Dr. Hanrahan is a board-certified physician who specializes in Family Medicine.

Ronald Karlin, MD

Dr. Karlin is an attending emergency physician at Olathe Medical Center in Olathe, KS. He is board certified in Emergency Medicine by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

Dennis Stempler, MD

Dr. Stempler is a board-certified emergency physician who has thirty years of experience and practices in the field of Emergency Medicine in CA.

Third-party vendor

VeriMed Healthcare Network 

VeriMed -  http://verimedhealthcare.com/ - editorial teams medically review clinical content for StayWell. Digital health content is medically reviewed by VeriMed medical staff and their (medical reviewers) credentials and backgrounds are available upon request. For additional information, click on the following links to review VeriMed's editorial policies and procedures for health content development, review, and updates, and the credentials of their clinicians:

  1. About the Company - http://verimedhealthcare.com/our-consultants.php

  2. Medical Content Writing - http://verimedhealthcare.com/content-writing.php

  3. Medical Content Review -  http://verimedhealthcare.com/content-review.php


Reviewed and Approved by the Quality Oversight Committee: October 2018

Revised: October 2019

Date Last Reviewed: 10/4/2018
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